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Install Google Analytics 4

in 3 Easy Steps

Secure your data by running GA4 property now.


Getting Started with Google Analytics 4

Step 1

Download the e-book, and install GA4 property in parallel to your Universal Analytics property.

Step 2

Set up Data Stream. Start collecting data. Identify KPI’s for your business, and set up custom events to your GA4 property to track these KPI’s.

Step 3

Install tracking code to your website.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • How to set up GA4 in parallel with Universal Analytics.
  • Set up Data Stream to start collecting your data right after you finish the whole e-book.
  • Install the tracking code to your site.

Download Our Free Google Analytics 4 e-Book

Unlock customer-centric measurement.

Know how customers interact across your site from the first visit to sign up

Get smarter insights to improve ROI.

Get more value out of your data by uncovering new insights and anticipating customer actions using data.

Connect your insights to results.

Take action to optimize marketing performance by leveraging data.

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Discover the power of connecting with your customers across various devices and platforms. At our Inbound Marketing Agency in Atlanta, leverage data analytics to enhance your marketing ROI through a deep understanding of the customer journey.

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